Candles Brighten Up Your Home

Candles add cozy flickering ambiance that provides the finishing touch in rooms throughout your home. Mix and match different sizes, colors and designs when choosing some for your space. Classic beeswax pillar candles, for example, pair naturally with glass hurricanes on dining tables, mantels and console tables. Taper candles in slim-lined holders as table centerpieces and on buffets for your dinner settings. Scattering tealights on table surfaces in glass candle holders, creates multiple points of light enhancing other decor elements. To ensure an entire room receives warm light, opt for candle sets and spread throughout the space. For areas where you want the look of a candle but prefer to avoid flames, consider flameless pillars, votive candles and tealights. Wall candle holders above beds and sofas are perfect homes for this type of candle. Timer functions add convenience during parties and gatherings by automatically shutting off after a certain duration has passed. Dinners on the patio become magical events with candle light, so look for pieces that transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. Paraffin wax melts evenly and provides a consistent appearance, while cotton wicks are non-toxic and burn cleanly. Soy candles also produce low amounts of soot, making them smart picks for your health and the health of your home. Give a candle as part of a birthday or Mother's Day gift.