Mixing bowls, so that you don't have to use your dinnerware to prep and mix ingredients
Cutting board, to protect your countertop from your knife and your food from germs
Measuring cups and spoons, both dry and measuring cups to cover all your ingredients
Rolling pin, to create smooth, even bread doughs, pizza crusts and pastries
Spatula, for folding in prep ingredients, spreading frosting and flipping food in a pan
Whisk, for emulsifying and whipping eggs or runny mixtures into a light, airy consistency.
Strainers, both mesh for sifting flour and wide-slotted colanders for pasta
Heat resistant spoons, for stirring and mixing over heat, as well as slotted spoons to extract food from boiling water or oil
Pizza Cutter, to create those perfect triangles of cheesy Italian goodness
Vegetable peeler, to cleanly and easily skin potatoes, carrots, cucumbers and more
Tongs, to firmly grasp and safely flip big cuts of seared meat or vegetables over high heat; good for serving, too