Automatic Drip Coffee Pots
The automatic drip coffee maker is a tried and true coffee pot that makes the perfect cup every time. Brew a single serving in a one-cup coffee machine or opt for a full pot with our 12-cup machines. Programmable models make your morning java only the click of a button away.

Espresso Machines
Espresso machines turn your kitchen into a home coffee shop, serving up professional-quality espresso drinks like Americanos to give you a lift. Electric machines make the brewing process as simple and easy as can be, and dynamic stovetop espresso makers can prepare coffee as well, without cords. Plus, both serve as the ultimate gift for loved ones who are espresso drinkers.

Pour Over Coffee Pots and French Presses
Pour over coffee pots elevate coffee making to a form of entertainment, as well as brew an excellent java by pouring off-boil water over coffee grounds. 3-, 6- and 8-cup pour over pots from Chemex allow you to brew for one or two, or for an entire brunch party. French presses are an affordable, portable, non-electric way to steep a robust, full-bodied brew.

Tea Kettles and Teapots
A warm cup of tea is just minutes away with classic tea kettles and stylish, modern teapots. Use electric water boilers or stovetop kettles to heat water and teapots to steep and serve the sweet treat of a drink. A single-serve tea brewer is an excellent option for a bedtime cup or any time you're not entertaining.